Monday, 15 April 2013

Tri-Shutter Card Templates and Tutorial

Although it looks complicated, the tri-shutter card is relatively easy to make and the final result is always visually stunning. It is a lovely project to use all those left-over bits and pieces in your stash. If you have a couple of photos, it is also nice as a keepsake for the recipient.

I have included a template with imperial and metric measurements. 
Below are a few variations on the different shapes you can cut to cover the panels:
This is the basic card:  Panels can be matted for extra effect.
 The "D" Panels must only be attached on the one side and be loose over panel A,
which will give a different dimension to the card (See Birthday Card below).
 "A" panels are cut as one piece.
 Above are only a few ideas, the options are endless.
Some easy steps:
1. Score

2. Cut 
 3. Fold
A few finished samples:
A Thank You Card 
A Christmas Card (with permission from Carolyn) 
And finally, two Birthday Cards:
(Using sample 2 with bigger D panels)
 Photo Story for a 70th Birthday celebration:
I hope you find the templates useful.  Please remember that it is just a guideline and you can adjust sizes proportionally according to you own taste to make it smaller or bigger.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Multi dimensional card using XCut dies

I found this lovely die in a local Craft Shop and just could not resist!
It is from the XCut Build-a Scene range.
I used wax paper between the dies and the cardstock as the dies are quite detailed.
I cut all the separate pieces in one go. Try and keep it all together!
Use silver or grey chalk to edge the clouds.
Use a glue pen as the lattice work is very delicate.
Cut the background for smaller balloon by hand (green here).
You can die cut two different colours and insert the negative pieces into the balloon.
I found it quicker to just cut another balloon.
The final product.
Easy to make and an explosion of colour.